Handmade dorset Soap sponges, and more

We are very pleased to welcome you all to Sparkle suds and more by Jess.

We are a small business based in the UK. We not only make handmade soap sponges
from scratch they are all made with natural ingredients that are vegan friendly, free of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and not tested on animals. We offer a variety of designs in a vast array of
colours. Our fragrance oil is 100% concentrated. making them, delightfully scented and gentle on your skin.

And now for the more...

We also make soap dishes that are handmade, glittery, colourful, easy to
clean and come in various designs to.

We are also delighted to announce the new arrival of wax melts and sparkle freshies by Jess, these are also made with 100% pure concentrated
oils. These are designed to make a great addition to your home. Our freshies can also be used in your wardrobe, vehicle e.t.c. Our array of scents makes a wonderful addition to the festive seasons.
 We hope you enjoy.

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